We will also learn how to install the Indigo add-on, which is further a source for a variety of addons.

Well, Fusion is not really an add-on as most of the users think of it. So, you are not installing anything on your Kodi. But you can’t ignore this characteristic of Kodi. Installing Fusion on Kodi helps you to install a wide range of repos and add-ons on Kodi. It also gives you access to the Indigo installer. Once you have added the Fusion 01/07/2020 04/06/2020 9. .fusion. 10. begin-here. 11. plugin.program.indigo-x.x.x.zip. 12. Esperamos la notificación Complemento activado. 13. Regresamos al menú anterior, seleccionamos Complementos para programas y abrimos Indigo. 14. Ya podremos ver la lista de las diferentes categorías del addon. 15. Listo! El addon Indigo en Kodi ya habrá quedado instalado


We will also learn how to install the Indigo add-on, which is further a source for a variety of addons. 5 Jul 2020 Step 4: Then click the option on the Add Source pop-up screen and click the OK button. Step 5: Enter the Indigo Repo URL http://fusion. Indigo is your gateway to the world of unofficial Kodi addons! Please visit www. tvaddons.co for support. Install Guide via Fusion Installer. Select the Add-ons tab   4 Jan 2019 But Recently, Fusions TV Addons are back with their New Repo and they are available under http://fusion.tvaddons.co. Let us Get into the article 

2 Μάιος 2017 Αφού έχετε κάνει εγκατάσταση το Kodi, πάμε να το ρυθμίσουμε να λαμβάνει πρόσθετα από from zip file; Επιλέξτε το Fusion ή ότι όνομα είχατε δώσει στην πρώτη ρύθμιση kodi-egkatastasi-ruthmish-indigo-tool-install-addons.

Keeping Kodi up to date and in good working order can become a real task over time. The more add-ons you install and the more sources you browse, the more cluttered Kodi gets. Maintenance tools like Indigo (part of the Fusion repository) are an excellent resource for anyone who wants to tweak Kodi and get the most out of their streams. Check Once you’ve installed Kodi, the Fusion Installer is your bridge to the realm of Kodi addons. It’s the first thing you’ll need in order to get started with Kodi addons. The Fusion Installer links you to our repositories server that contains pretty much every Kodi addon repository in existence. Kodi will definitely wow you, but first you need the Fusion Installer source added. Le dépôt "Fusion" de TVAddons contient énormément d'extensions et de dépôts (repository) classés par pays . Parmi tous ces addons beaucoup sont des addons tiers qui ne sont pas disponibles sur le dépôt officiel KODI. Nous allons voir dans ce tuto comment installer Fusion de TVAddons pour avoir le choix de centaines de nouvelles extensions. 04/10/2017 11. Notifications – Enable/Disable notifications from Indigo. If your a new Kodi User, then this will be a great start up installer for your new device or to setup your device with less bloat. How to Install the Fusion/Indigo Installer. Here are the steps to install the Fusion/Indigo installer on Kodi. We have a video tutorial and image